2017 Girls Soccer Team


Lost 0-8

With the dew on our cleats and our heads held up high we faced another power house of a program. Harbor Creek has some skilled players that unfortunately with our younger team makes it difficult to get that “W”.
Our team had a new focus this game, which was to recall the fundamentals of what it is like to play keep-away. In the first half and with that mindset we had some great possessions that lead to some opportunities for our strikers, Dylan Riedel and Damon Peru to make the Harbor Creek’s defense think twice about our Corry Beavers.
Midfield is the pivot point for a soccer team to go from defense to offense and they also help the defense keep our Keeper Max Monn from having to make any saves. Unfortunately, when our team is younger, especially at the midfield, this puts more pressure for our back line to hold down the fort. I can not say enough on how well our defense protects our keeper. Luke Short, John Peterson, and Wesley McCray all do wonders back there.
So, we have only a few games left to keep progressing and learning from our practices and the games we play. I am proud of the players on this team, when we face power house teams we still come out with a fury to win. Our team also makes sacrifices; like giving up family vacations or celebrating their birthdays like Michael Pierson did today to be with their teammates. Shows the character each player has and makes you have pure admiration for each player.


Lost 1-9

Yet again, trying to match up with a power house of a program and unfortunately we just couldn’t compete.
Wesley McCray had a repeat score on a corner kick just as he did at Oil City. It’s always nice to be able to score on a corner, especially when the ball is serviced and curves directly in the net.
We struggle with possession and turned the ball over a lot. We shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes. It’s about tackling the ball, getting a touch, and passing in midfield. Midfield is everything, but we are just so young. We have varsity players who have only played soccer for two years now.
I really appreciate guys like John Brady who are so cordial and respectful. Like, he comes off the field and thanks me. I just have to chuckle and smile. He’s a great kid. Luke Short is another. He’s just a really great kid to be around.
A lot of these guys are truly a joy to be around. So it’s a rebuilding year and been tough at times. They still work hard, they still try, and they haven’t given up. Shows a lot of heart about their character. We have kids who gave up family vacation because they didn’t want to let the team down. As a coach, I just have to admire this level of commitment to the sport and team. It’s so admirable.
It’s hard to believe the season is closing in. We have a few matches left to lay it all out, then it’s back to indoor and off-season grinding.

Post Author: Kevin Thomas