2017 Varsity Volleyball


Team, for clarity purposes…

  • Corry is 11-0
  • All other teams in Region 4 have a minimum of 2 losses
  • Corry has 3 matches against weaker teams… if we win tonight, we essentially win the Region 4 championship (because we beat Warren head-to-head twice).  Worst we could be is 12-2, and that is the best they could be…


Varsity Write-up is Attached



JV Write-up is below:


Corry’s JV tacked on another win this season while visiting Warren Tuesdayevening. Sophomore Courtney Perkins started the match off right, beginning with an ace, and which then brought Corry to an 11 point lead, forcing Warren to a time out. Consistent serves and passes kept Corry’s momentum up, and sailed them to any easy win in the first set, 25-10. Serving from Perkins (2 aces), Lindsey Mitchell (3 aces), Morgan Ahl (2 aces), and Allison Zaczkiewicz (3 aces) drove the Beavers through the first set and kept Warren out of system. Offensively, Corry used every free ball they got from the Dragons to put down for a kill, including Mitchell and Perkins, leading the team with 3 kills each. Indya Berkhous and Zaczkiewicz also contributed 2 kills from the front row.

The momentum from set one didn’t appear to roll into the second set, and Corry had a hard time gaining a lead from a tougher serving Warren team. Where the Beavers serving and passing lacked, their defense picked up and kept Corry in the match. Robyn Biondi led the team in digs, collecting 8 for the night. Morgan Ahl and Mitchell each had 4 digs for Corry. Mitchell ended the second set with an ace, just as the match had begun, 26-24.


Coaches comments:

I was extremely happy with our serving and passing in the first set. I’m hopeful that we can continue to step on the court with the same energy we went out there with in Warren. I told the girls that we are the precursor for the Varsity match and we needed to set the tone for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, we fell off the wagon in the second set. Sometimes we need that as a team to recognize that we aren’t moving fast enough, and we don’t want to slow down for other teams- our job is to set the pace.


JV is now 8-3 in region play and have their final tournament of the season at Fort Leboeuf this Saturday



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