Program Schedule

Kevin Thomas Show

– weekday mornings from 6-10am



Fast Talk – Nascar Talk show

7pm Monday nights

Nascar Live – Nascar – call-In talk show

7pm Tuesday nights

Nascar USA – Nascar/country music show

– Saturdays 8-10am and Sundays 6-8am

Racing Country – nascar/country music show

– Saturdays 10am to noon and Sundays 8-10am

Gathier’s Homecoming Radio – Gospel Music

– Sundays 10am

The Pit Reporters – Nascar Talk show

– Sundays at 11am

The Do Wop Vault – 50’s – 60’s Do Wop Music

– Saturdays 8-10pm – Sundays 6-8pm

More Info Coming soon!!!

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