Odd Ball’s Variety Buffett

Hosted by  Dave Braswell


My on-air name is Oddball Robinson. I am the host of Oddballs Variety
Buffet. I decided to start Oddballs Variety Buffet because I got tired of
hearing all the same old music on the same stations day after day over and
over. My music show consists of influences in Punk, Runs, and Metal along
with some country and classic hits as well. Every show I like to have a
classic feature. A song that is at least 40 years old where I tell a little bit of a back story of the band or the song itself as well as a song that gives you a
certain feeling, when you hear it, like a song that means something to
maybe me in particular or something in the future. Who knows? That’s
about all I got for you now….Dave Braswell

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